villa from sea

Ruim resort:

 • Small hotel

 • A few villas

 • Restaurant

 • Clean sandy beach

 • a daily market

 • Supermarket

 • Stores, bank

 • Doktor, dentist

The Sights:

 • National park

 • Menjangan Island

 • Temples

 • Waterfalls

 • Turtels

Grotere kaart weergeven


Villa Rumah Pantai is a part of Melaya International Beach Resort located in West-Bali. A small resort under construction, directly at the beach, with a natural surroundings, with a reception, a store with victuals, a restaurant, beauty salon (open summer 2014), a few villas and a hotel with 4 rooms.


The surroundings

The resort is located in the west of Bali, in about 3 kilometers from Melaya. A village with a supermarket, small shops, a bank, daily indoor market, a doctor, a small hospital and a dentist.
Negara is 20 kilometers away and here you will find  larger supermarkets and shops. Gilimanuk Harbour (cross over to Java) you could reach it in about 10 minutes with the car from the resort. The Bali Barat Nature Park is just a few steps away. The Menjangan islands can be reached in 20 minutes by car.
The characteristics of Bali are rest and nature. There are not so many tourists. The local people lives from agriculture and fishing. If you want to walk in the direct surroundings you can enjoy the authentic Bali.



Sights in the environment


Snorkel/dive trip to Menjangan Island

The boat will bring you to the Menjangan Island in the National Park for Snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear, turquoise water. You will be surrounded by fishes in all the colors of the rainbow. Some fishes are striped or spotted. On Menjangan Island live sixteen Buddhist monks with their deer. In about an hour and fifteen minutes, you could walk around the whole island. Walking along the white beaches and the deepest cliffs and visit the oldest temple of Bali. The Puri Gili Kencanatemple. When you come by boat, this is the only temple that you could see from far away.  


Turtles shelter in Pemuteran

Here you can see how the eggs are hatched and see how the baby turtles are swimming in tanks with sea water. They using your entrance fee and they will avoid changing turtle eggs in an omelet and entangled in fishing nets turtle in a turtle satay. For a donation of a few dollars, you can set free a baby turtle.

Observe the Dolphins

Lovina is known for the dolphins you can watch every morning at sunrise. You can see the dolphins during a boat trip. From Lovina leave numerous fishing boats with tourists on board. They go looking for dolphins. There are a lot of populations of  shrimps at the coast. There are dolphins everywhere and the chance that you will see these animals is more than 80%. The boat can be surrounded by dozens of jumping and playing dolphins.


The waterfalls of North Bali

In North Bali are several waterfalls, including the Munduk water. This waterfall (200 meters) is less known as the Git Git. According to the Balinese, this waterfall is beautiful and definitely quieter. To get at the bottom of the waterfall,  There is a steep path you need. It is surrounded by clove trees. The Aling Aling waterfall is quite far away, but it is worth  it, especially if you love climbing.
In about 30 minutes of the south  Singaraja you will find the most spectacular waterfall of Bali. The Git Git waterfall. There is a path of about 1 km with souvenir shops,  a coffee and vanilla plantation and the 60 meter high waterfall. When you are there, you can see and enjoy of the water when it is splashing down.



For whom is interested in cultures and historic aspects, could explore the direct surroundings and serveral temples. Puri Pulaki is a small temple. There are a lot of monkeys. That is why the temple called monkey temple. The monkey is a sacred animal in Bali. In about 20 minutes of driving you reach the temple.


National Park Bali Barat

The villa is next to the National Park. This park is 770m2. In 1941 was the opening of this varied park. They protect the nature and endangered animals. The park is accessible by feet. The park has mangrove forests, swamps, reefs and numerous of plants and animals. Visitors can only reach the park for 10 percent, but it is definitely worth to go. You can go there by foot. You can make a choice of different routes. We recommend to go with an experienced guide. Adventurers can choose Gunung Klatakan Route. It is a route of about five hours through the impressive Balinese rainforest, also the wildest area of ??the park. Other routes that we recommend are a route to the mangrove in Teluk Terima and the mountains at Makam Jayaprana. Lovers of rest and spirituality can choose to take a walk on the island of Menjangan. There live only sixteen monks and deer.